The Test of Prosperity

The Test of Prosperity

While studying this morning The LORD revealed a connection to me between King David and King Uzziah–2 Samuel 6:17 and 2 Chronicles 26:16-20.

King David

2 Samuel 6:17: “The ark was placed inside the tent which David had prepared for it; and he sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings to the LORD.” It would be wise to read the entire chapter.

King Uzziah

2 Chronicles 26: 16-20: “But at that point he became proud–and corrupt. He sinned against the LORD his GOD by entering the forbidden sanctuary of the Temple and personally burning incense upon the altar. Azariah the High Priest went in after him with eighty other priests, all brave men, and demanded that he get out. “‘It is not for you, Uzziah, to burn incense, they declared. That is the work of the priests alone, the sons of Aaron who are consecrated to this work, Get out, for you have trespassed, and the LORD is not going to honor you for this!”” Uzziah was furious, and refused to set down  the incense burner he was holding. But look! Suddenly–leprosy appeared in his forehead! When Azariah and the others saw it, they rushed him out; in fact, he himself was as anxious to get out as they were to get him out, because the LORD had struck him. ”

We are studying in our Learning to Trust text about how King Uzziah went into the temple and burned incense upon the altar. Was this a bad thing? Yes, in this particular instance, and only because the task of burning incense upon the altar was reserved for the priests of Aaron’s descent.

In doing this abomination, King Uzziah had raised himself above the priesthood and had disregarded their appointed role in the temple. Sometimes it is not so much what we desire to do for The LORD but the question is were we appointed to this task? All of us have work to do for the Kingdom. This is a given, and without the desire to work, there would arise no fruit. Holy Spirit unction is what directs us to our own particular role or roles in the work of the Kingdom.

King Uzziah had reigned for many years, and he was blessed mightily by GOD in numerous ways. Where the dilemma came was in his inability to listen to the voice of humility, to the Holy Spirit. Was the Holy Spirit at work in this time? Yes, He was. King Uzziah became puffed up in his own importance because of his prosperity. It is hard to hear GOD when you have no needs. There is less desire to seek GOD when nothing is amiss. It is a human trait, this inability to remain humble and contrite in our successful times.

When is it necessary to hunker down and look to GOD for deliverance? During our times of prosperity. Our eyes can be blinded and our ears stopped up, not to mention our hearts can be hardened by prosperity. King Uzziah lost his vision due to arrogance. He was struck down with leprosy. Let us try to do better.

You may be asking how this relates to King David. King David also went into the temple to burn offerings unto the LORD after he had brought the ark triumphantly into the City of David. He had the wisdom to ask for the assistance of the priests, knowing that this was their GOD-appointed task, otherwise a similar fate as King Uzziah’s would have been his. In so doing he showed humbleness before the LORD and his reward was more prosperity. Even though he had danced before the LORD and acted clamorously foolish, and had won the disrespect of Michal, his wife because of this–his humble heart had led him to do so and GOD blessed him.

Always keep your spiritual guard up during the prosperous times. Remember that GOD gives and that He can take away.

                                                                                          Rev. Charlene

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